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Gresham House plc

Gresham House is a specialist asset management group focused on managing third party assets across a wide range of differentiated and illiquid alternative investment strategies.

Across the various asset management divisions, our investment approach is defined by a value-based philosophy and long term investment horizon. We apply private equity processes to evaluation, due diligence and risk management, including a divisional Investment Committee within each of our strategies. We also draw on the capabilities and expertise of our Advisory Group.

The team is aligned with shareholders and investors and we offer our services in different ways to meet the requirements of clients through managed funds, quoted investments and Co-Investment.

Strategic Equity

Clients access the Strategic Public Equity (SPE) strategy through the Strategic Equity division.

The SPE investment strategy targets a net 15% IRR over the long term.  It is based on an approach which significantly reduces company specific risk within a focused portfolio by adopting a value investment philosophy and applying private equity-style techniques and due diligence.

The team is highly experienced with backgrounds covering industrial, public market and private equity. The investment team will make influential block stake investments in smaller UK and European, predominantly quoted companies. The team adopts a policy of constructive engagement, targeting companies that can benefit from strategic, operational or management initiatives, having identified value creation levers as part of our investment process and screening. The strategy tends to focus on cash generative companies where return on capital employed can be improved.

  • Quoted Investment Company

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    Gresham House Asset Management was awarded the investment management contract for Gresham House Strategic plc (GHS) in August 2015.

    Visit the Gresham House Strategic website.

  • Guernsey Limited Partnership

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    Both Gresham House Strategic plc and the Fund LP will co-invest in the same opportunities. First closed on 16 August 2016 with £24m of commitments (including co-investment). Targeting final close in 2017.

  • Listed Investment Company

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    Gresham House was awarded the investment mandate for LMS in July 2016. LMS current holds direct private equity, quoted companies and funds (UK and US). The company invests in private equity.

    Visit the LMS Capital plc website.

Real Assets

The Real Assets investment strategy is aimed at creating funds across a range of sectors e.g forestry, infrastructure, energy and real estate amongst others.  The common theme tying them all together is that real assets are underpinned by tangible, physical assets and are lowly correlated to traditional asset classes such as equities and bonds.

The first investment strategy in our Real Assets division is Forestry. In October 2015 Gresham House acquired Aitchesse Ltd (now rebranded Gresham House Forestry), a leading specialist asset manager of UK commercial forestry with c.£230m of assets under management on behalf of Endowments, Family Offices, Limited Partnerships and high-net-worth investors.

  • Managed Accounts and Segregated Mandates

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    Gresham House Forestry currently manages assets on behalf of Endowments, Family Offices and Ultra-high-net-worth individuals, invested in commercial forestry in the UK.

    Visit the Gresham House Forestry website.

  • Scottish Limited Partnership

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    Gresham House is launching the Forestry Fund Limited Partnership in the second half of 2016.